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Clean room laundry sevice

Located inside the 3.1 ha complex with 6 high-tech manufacturing factories belonging to Ours supporting industrial factory.The scale and cleanliness of factories meet the standards and capacity of corporations in the field of electronic components, medicine, food.The clean room environment of the washing machine is controlled according to ISO 14644-1 standard.The production process and service quality are guaranteed and controlled according to ISO 9001.Clean rooms are divided into separate areas at grades 100, 1,000, and 10,000.Each level of the clean area is strictly managed in terms of temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed and the number of types of

Clean room laundry sevices includs:

1- Clean room jumpsuits and attached cap

2- Clean room  Boot

3- Clean room gloves.

Contact to clean room laundry sevices: Email/ or 0984.139.766 Mr Trình

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