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Laundry services in food technology

The demand for food has been an indispensable need of human beings since ancient times. With such a strong demand, there are hundreds of thousands of unknown food origins, no food safety testing is provided in the market every day leading to human health is threatened. Vietnam is on the top two countries on the map of cancer, the rate of people with cancer in Vietnam is increasing. One of the reasons for this is that our food is not being eaten safely.

Unclean production environments can affect food, especially perishable products such as milk and confectionery, which can lead to product deterioration, endanger the user, discredit the company. Clean room management is the optimal way to minimize the bacteria produced in the production process, making food better preserved. Therefore, the control room for food processing plants is a necessary factor to ensure that the operation is always safe to bring food safety for users.

Our industrial laundry services will help you make better control of your manufacturing process:

  • Disinfection sterilization of all kinds of labor protective clothing
  • Wash all types of facemasks, gloves for clean room
  • Clean boot, shoes
  • Provide clean plastic bags for packing


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